Now Offering: Apple Pay!

Hey Everyone!

Recently, we set-up Apple Pay on our website!  It's now easier, and safer to buy your ladies footwear and clothing online with us, from anywhere in the world.  We are pretty excited about it as both consumers, and business owners.  After doing some research, we realized that with support from all major American, and Canadian banks, and state -of-the-art security, this was a great option for those who worry about their personal information being available for others online.

After downloading the Apple Pay app, you'll realize that making purchases is as easy as one click.  Your information remains secured, and you can save time on your favorite websites!

This blog post will be short and sweet, but it's important for our customers to know the payment and processing progress we continue to make week after week.  Next time you're in the "Checkout" portion of the purchase, you will have multiple payment options from Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and now, Apple Pay.

Happy Shopping Everybody!

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