• Desperately Seeking Spring

      We're happily on the cusp of beautiful weather.  It's undeniable.  Keeping positive this winter hasn't been the easiest game, and Christine and I have been "desperately seeking spring" for some time.  We know you can relate. Seriously grateful to all our customers, mall-mates and staff as we fo... View Post
  • Those Annoying Little Packs Have A Purpose!

    What are some other uses for silica gel? Silica gel is a drying agent that can be used for many other things around the house. You should know that the gel by itself isn’t toxic, but certain compounds are sometimes added to the packets to enhance its effects, such as cobalt chloride, which can be... View Post
  • DIY Leather Care Ideas

    Buying a new leather purse, or gorgeous pair of shoes is a great feeling; the look, the feel, the colour, everything about it screams "you" right?  Well leather care is the next step in making sure that your new leather goods remain as bold and beautiful as the day your bought them. Over the coun... View Post